Century Pacific, LP

Brownfields Redevelopment

CenturyPacific's development expertise includes brownfields redevelopment. Brownfields are former industrial sites and properties that may be available for reuse or redevelopment. Their prior uses create unique regulatory, land-use and financial constraints that must be overlaid on the normal land development process. This specialty brings all of CenturyPacificís land use feasibility and land value enhancement skills to bear. The principals of CenturyPacific have evaluated literally dozens of former industrial sites throughout the United States for their reuse and enhancement potential. These include rail yards, steel mills, coal gasification plants, saw mills, gas stations and bulk oil terminals. The breadth of this experience provides a unique ability to provide quick and accurate reuse assessments. Brownfields redevelopment services include:

  • Strategic Assessments
  • Master Plan Development
  • Coordination measures
  • Regulatory Approval
  • Land Value Enhancement Services
  • Disposition Alternatives

Former Oil Refineries

CenturyPacific acted as real estate advisor to a large multi-national oil company in the redevelopment of five former oil refineries. Locations include Casper, WY; Sugar Creek, MO; New Orleans, LA; Wood River IL and Whiting, IN. Services include strategic assessments, community coordination, master plan development and site redevelopment. CenturyPacific has also provided strategic assessments of former refineries.


CenturyPacific was retained in the City of Everett in Washington as its development advisor on a 200-acre brownfield site adjacent to a major freeway. The assignment involved working with a multi-disciplined team of experts to transform a former City landfill into a major retail center. CenturyPacific has also worked on landfill redevelopment projects in Bellingham, WA and Ketchikan, AK.

Pulp Mills

CenturyPacific completed strategic assessments and has been involved in the redevelopment of two former pulp mill sites, one in Everett, WA and the other in Ketchikan, AK. The Ketchikan assignment involved conversion of the mill site into a industrial park, port facility, wood veneer mill and marina.